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A brief overview of who we are and where we come from:

Purchase of an old Offenbach factory (leather goods supplier, artificial horn) by Mr Rolf Schiebler and rapid entry into the new technology of injection moulding production.


The desire to build their own moulds for the injection moulding shop led to the expansion of existing buildings and the creation of a small tool shop.
Founding date of Schiebler Werkzeugbau.


Rolf Schiebler's eldest son, Dietrich Schiebler, takes over the toolmaking business and continues to expand it over the following years. Injection moulding tools are mostly built for the company's own requirements.


Construction of a 2-storey production building to meet the increased space requirements. Increasing production of tools for external customers.


Retirement of Rolf Schiebler for reasons of age and sale of the spray shop, which remains in the building.


Removal of the injection moulding shop, the space in the building is needed for the growing tool shop.


Installation of the first CAD workstation to create 3D programs in-house. In the years that followed, continuous investment in modern
3D machines and peripherals.


Mr Dietrich Schiebler hands over the management of the company to his two sons Arno and Robert, who have already been working in the company for several years.


Completion of the new company building and 50th anniversary of the company!


Redesign and energy refurbishment of our office building, we celebrate the 60th anniversary of the company!

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